We offer a totally bespoke service that fits your requirements. We follow a 5 step process to ensure the risk is reduced and the threat is minimised. 

Our 5 step process comprises of: 

Step 1 – Initial Client Briefing
This step will outline your requirements and needs for the operation. Following this briefing your operation will be priced accordingly. 

Step 2 – Threat Assessment & Operational Plan
We will carry out a full and in-depth threat assessment on the mission itself and then formulate a plan of operations. 

Step 3 – Client Brief and Concept of Ops
You will be briefed fully on the operation and if needed a rehearsal of various drills may be required. 

Step 4 – Complete Task / Mission
The operation and planning will be implemented and carried out, the mission will be completed. 

Step 5 – Debrief
A debrief will take place for the CP Team, you are invited to contribute to this debrief if you so wish. 

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